Vacuum | 真空


Photo (1-2): Stills from Vacuum


Vacuum , 2011
Single-channel Video
Full HD, Silent, Color, 2 min 33 sec (Loop)

Vacuum is an absentminded description of a common anxiety within contemporary mindscape. This idea is expressed through the digital manipulation of a “FAKE” swing image movement: copy, reverse.
The author creates a sequence from point A to point B in an arc movement, lets the camera shoot toward the fulcrum (the viewing platform itself) to start an observation. Then, this is joined with the same sequence in reverse, so the motion become A-B-A. The content goes from the starting point to the origin, and time keeps going.


作者從A點到B點進行ㄧ段弧形運動 ,攝影機朝向運動的支點(觀景台自身)進行觀測,並將之與倒轉的片斷進行接合。運動方式被後製為A-B-A,影片內容由出發點回到原點,而時間持續進行。上列的組合重複24次,這個過程可被想像為ㄧ天的時間歷程。

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