Orbit-Floating Screen | 繞行-漂浮的屏幕

繞行-漂浮的屏幕 stillsequence 2

Photo (1): Installation View, Orbit-Floating Screen, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2015-2016

Photo (2-10): Stills (Sequences) from Orbit-Floating Screen


Orbit-Floating Screen , 2015-2016
12-channel Video Installation
4K video, Sound, Color, 4 min 30 sec (Loop)

In Orbit – Floating Screen, I install the customized metal louvre of the same aspect ratio as the monitor screen. The metal louvre abandons its original function in architectural design such as being attached to the opening on the wall to adjust the light in the room. Here, it is suspended in the space of the image and becomes a translucent cover in the air. Meanwhile, I have installed a panorama filming device moving horizontally in parallel at the same speed to capture the 360-degree perspective around the louvre screen.

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