Reflex 1

Photo (1-3): Stills from Reflex 1

Reflex 1 , 2021-2022
Single-channel Video
4K, Silent, Color, 3 min 39 sec (Loop)

“[…] Lastly should the work “Reflex 1” be mentioned, in which Kuo Hsin-Hui develops a kind of non-statuary self-portrait in the form of a video work. The artist sets the portrayed as the center of attention, however the position of the viewer is not only being redefined dynamically, but also pulls the ground under the viewer’s feet at the same time.” — Daniel Martin Feige

「[…] 最後必須提出的是作品《Reflex 1》,郭信輝以影像作品的形式發展出一種非雕塑性的自畫像,如同自畫像的普遍定義,藝術家將自己作為畫面的焦點,然而觀者的位置卻不斷地、動態性地被重新定義,移動的畫面也同時拉動著觀者腳下的地面。」— 丹尼爾・馬丁・梵葛 (Daniel Martin Feige)

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