Fluid Car Scene (Prototype)

_MG_0682-EditFluid Car Scene (Prototype)_Video Still_01Photo (1): Installation View, Fluid Car Scene (Prototype), Galerie EIGEN+ART Lab, Berlin, Germany, 2020 (Foto: Otto Felber, Berlin)

Photo (2): Still from Fluid Car Scene (Prototype)


Fluid Car Scene (Prototype), 2020
Video Installation
Wood Construction, LED-Television
186 × 200 × 80 cm
Full HD, Silent, Color, 1 min 57 sec (Loop)

Fluid Car Scene is an ongoing research project, which discovers the inner space and the narrative possibility within a car. The content image shows a curve progressed, elevation angle viewpoint, it prompts the accidental impact before and behind the scene, providing a altered reference proceed in parallel with usual drivers body and mental state.

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