Depth of Screen | 屏幕的深度

2015-6_Kuo Hsin-Hui_Depth of Screen_Single Channel Video (HD, Silent, Color)_3min28sec

Single channel video / Full HD / Silent / Color / 3 min 28 sec / 2015-2016

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Depth of Screen (2015) includes a closed, metal Venetian blind which suspended floating above the ground as a screen. From behind the audience, a slow-moving image of SMPTE color bar will be precisely projected on the blind screen. While its function of blocking out the light has no longer existed, the viewer’s focusing will be on and move with the image’s orbit.

In this work, the Venetian blind is visually distorted when the surrounding breeze causes the swimming of the projected image with the screen (the blind). By using slit-scan video that re-ordered the timeline, the split-motion image is compressed into a continuous plane with warping visual effect.

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