Depth of Screen | 屏幕的深度

2015-6_Kuo Hsin-Hui_Depth of Screen_Single Channel Video (HD, Silent, Color)_3min28secSequence

Photo (1): Still from Depth of Screen

Photo (2-13): Stills (Sequences) from Depth of Screen


Depth of Screen , 2015-2016
Single-channel Video
Full HD, Silent, Color, 3 min 28 sec (Loop)

The video piece Depth of Screen explores the transitional process of a plane object becoming 3-dimension. In the work, a metal venetian blind and the horizontal panning test pattern composing together the main element. Test pattern is the adjusting tool which exist temporarily before content, and the closed blind prompts the appositional relationship—between electronic world (scanning line) and the real world (opening)—as interface.

錄像作品《屏幕的深度》探索了平面物件在影像中趨向立體的過渡過程。作品中,金屬百葉窗和水平移動的測試畫面(SMPTE Test Pattern) 一同構成了作品的主要內容。測試畫面是在正文之外的暫時性校正工具,關閉的金屬百葉窗則提示了電子世界(掃描線)和真實世界(窗)之間作為介面的同位關係。

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