In: Correct | 虛構百景

Photo (1): Still from In: Correct

Photo (2): Still (Intro) from In: Correct


In: Correct, 2010
Single-channel Video
Full HD, Silent, Color, 3 min 24 sec (Loop)

The name of In: Correct starts from a personal experience in mis-using the web tool: Google Translate. The title could be recognized both as “Incorrect” or “In + Correct”.
I tried to pick up many kinds of media messages, including: news headlines, advertisement slogans and the warning words on a cigarette box…. While import those messages into Google Translate, it remains only some fragmental details to recognize the original idea.
At the same time, the work could be also conceived as a conceptual experiment: with the “Imitated Subtitle” as main character, I start to make sound, and try to find footages in cooperation, in order to reverse a common cognition – that the visual image as main primary element, operating “Music”, “Dubbing” or “Subtitle”.
Background footage: “Kindergarten Games” by Deng Nan-Guang , filmed in Taipei, during the Japanese Colonial Period, 1937.


作品來自於使用Google Translate工具的誤用經驗,英文名稱在字意上可視為 Incorrect (不正確、錯 誤),或 In + Correct (置入作為正確)。
在《虛構百景》中, 我擷取了當下各式身邊媒體的訊息,包含:新聞標題、商業廣告標語,以及菸盒 上的健康警語等等。並運用Google Translate翻譯這些訊息,呈現的結果是片斷化的局部閱讀,原意只 能經由想像推演,無法由字面企及。
同時,這也像是一場觀念試驗。以 “仿字幕” 作為主角,開始製造聲音,並進而尋找搭配的影像,試 圖鬆脫一般認定中影像作為主體, “配樂” 或 “配音”、“字幕” 作為輔佐的結構關係。

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