WhenWeWereCloseToTheEnd_Ausstellungsansicht_1Dim_Installation_02Dim_Video Still_02

Photo (1): Exhibition View, When we were close to the End, Galerie EIGEN+ART Lab, Berlin, Germany, 2020 (Foto: Otto Felber, Berlin)

Photo (2): Installation View (Detail), Dim, Galerie EIGEN+ART Lab, Berlin, Germany, 2020

Photo (3): Still from Dim

Dim, 2019-2020
Video Installation
Metal Venetian Blind, Ipad
150 × 131 × 3.5 cm
4K, Silent, Color, 1 min 47 sec (Loop)

The work Dim consists of a real metal venetian blind and a video at the lower part of it. In video, through the plane (venetian blind) blocked in between, the camera pans at low-angle slowly from left to right, making a horizontal scan observation toward the sleeper/insomniac. As the title’s multiple suggest: vague situation, unclear light, memories which can hardly recall and abbreviation of the word dimension ── here is a possible border where sleep and wake intersect.

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