Thgil/ Krad | 明亮/黑暗

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Photo (1): Installation View, Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal, Canada, 2012

Photo (2-4): Projection Top View (Sequences). Red dot indicates the current location of the Viewer.

Photo (5): Satosphere (Exterior). Rooftop of Society for Arts and Technology.

Photo (6): Shooting Scene of Thgil/ Krad: In Reverse of Light and Dark, Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal, Canada


Thgil/ Krad: In Reverse of Light and Dark, 2012
Interactive 360° Video Installation

Thgil/ Krad: In Reverse of Light and Dark is a 360° interactive immersive projection installation for “Satosphere” at SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) in Canada. This work attempts to discuss and rethink the link of cross-time zone and cross-regional in Cyberspace, and the juxtaposition with the real daily space- time environment. The relative relationship reflects on the artist’s experience during this residency; it’s about the opposite day-and-night relationship between Montreal (Canada, America) and Taipei (Taiwan, Asia) under Daylight Saving time (12 hours’ time differences).

The work juxtaposes the part of pre-record Time Lapse video (day to night) and the reverse one, merging/ linking half daytime and nighttime together and re- constituting the daily linear experience. The audience can stand in the center of the work and control the images as play/ reverse/ rotate to experience the giant differences, fascination and conflict between “the scene” and “the speeding time differences”.

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