Thgil/ Krad | 明亮/黑暗

Still 001-1Still 003-406 明亮:黑暗

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“thgil/krad” is a 360 interactive immersive projection installation for “Satosphere” at SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) in Canada. This work attempts to discuss and rethink the link of cross-time zone and cross-regional in Cyberspace, and the juxtaposition with the real daily space- time environment.
The relative relationship reflects on the artist’s experience during this residency; it’s about the opposite day-and-night relationship between Montreal (Canada, America) and Taipei (Taiwan, Asia) under Daylight Saving time (12 hours’ time differences).
The work juxtaposes the part of pre-record Time Lapse video (day to night) and the reverse one, merging/ linking half daytime and nighttime together and re- constituting the daily linear experience. The audience can stand in the center of the work and control the images as play/ reverse/ rotate to experience the giant differences, fascination and conflict between “the scene” and “the speeding time differences”.

The work tries to reflect the question of how Taiwan can position itself under the high speed linking across localization in contemporary culture. When speed gradually catches the distance and brings us high convenience, does it kill the variety of cultures in the meanwhile?

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